SLN Medical Contingent to Nepal return on successful completion of their relief mission

The 14-member Sri Lanka Navy medical contingent dispatched for the emergency relief mission in earthquake-hit Nepal returned to the island on 11th May 2015 after the successful completion of their relief mission.

The SLN medical team had swung into action as soon as they landed on the Nepalese soil battered by one of the worst earthquakes in its history. They established immediate contact with the troops already on the ground to ascertain the locations where help was needed most. As the first priority, they had set up a portable medical lab to assist the medical treatment being provided to the affected civilians who had been faced with a severe shortage of professionally qualified medical personnel and equipment due to the massive damages caused to public transportation and the continuous earth tremors that had cut off access to many areas. During the stay, they provided medical treatment to approximately 1,000 persons in the remote areas covering Bhimtal, Shipapokhara, Baudgaarm, Palanchowk, Badagam, Basampoor and Bhisdevtar with the fellow SL forces.

The contingent under a medical officer included a Public Health Inspector, a medical technician and a sailor qualified in life saving flew to Nepal on a special Sri Lankan airline flight on 29th April 2015.