USS ‘Lake Erie’ departs from Colombo harbour after post relief mission

The guided-missile cruiser of the United States Navy, USS ‘Lake Erie’ which arrived in Sri Lanka on a post relief mission on 11th June, departed from the Colombo harbour today (June, 19) on successful completion of its mission engagements. The Sri Lanka Navy bade customary farewell in accordance with the naval traditions on her departure.

The ship which was boarded by 300 US naval personnel was commanded by Captain D McPherson. The ship’s crew engaged in a number of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Navy in order to assist communities in different parts of the country, battered by the recent adverse weather.

Further, the mission personnel took part in a wide range of programmes organized by the Navy and several training engagements and HA/DR drills were also executed in a bid to make the SLN personnel aware in confronting a disaster situation.