INS Sutlej leaves Colombo harbour on completion of Joint Hydrographic Survey

The Indian Naval Ship (INS) Sutlej which arrived in the island on 26 October to undertake a Joint Hydrographic Survey off the coast of Sri Lanka, left the Colombo harbour today (21 December) on successful completion of the task. Sri Lanka Navy bade farewell to the departing ship in accordance with naval traditions on the harbour premises.

The second phase of the hydrographic survey executed by the Sri Lanka Navy in collaboration with the Indian Navy came to a close on 19 December. The survey extended to a depth contour of 200 m from the coastline, ranging from Colombo to Galle. Meanwhile, the third phase of the survey is scheduled to be carried out from Great Basses to Sangamankanda next year. During their stay in the country, the ship’s crew took part in a wide range of activities including a beach cleaning campaign.