SL Navy in an operation to rescue fishermen distressed by collision

On 9th January around 11.20 pm, the car carrier “MV GLOVIS CAPTAIN” under the flag of Marshal Islands, which was sailing to the Hambantota port from the port of Colombo collided with “Nadeesha II “ a multiday fishing trawler which had left Hikkaduwa fisheries harbour for fishing with 7 fishermen onboard on last 1st of January, at the deep sea 13 nautical miles off the Light House,Dondra.

The ship’s crew had been able to rescue two of the distressed fishermen and immediately after the Naval Headquarters received this information, 2 Fast Attack Craft (Dvora), P 492 and P 480, attached to Southern Naval Command were dispatched to the location for rescue mission yesterday night itself.

As a result of search and rescue mission of SL Navy another person was saved alive and two dead bodies were also found. Three rescued fishermen and the dead bodies were transferred to the Galle harbour and then they were sendoff to Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya.

The collision had taken place while the fishing trawler was heading ashore taking the dead body of a fisherman who had died due to a sudden illness onboard. It is suspected that the dead body may have been trapped inside the trawler. The Naval craft together with the car carrier has taken precaution actions preventing the sinking of the distressed trawler. Navy continuous searching for another fisherman who has still disappeared.