Northern Naval Command presents street drama for national drug prevention week

As part of the United Nations' International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which fell on 26th June, the period from 26th June to 02nd July was declared as the National Week for Prevention of Drugs. Going by this initiative, the Mental Health Unit of Northern Naval Command formed a street drama team with the intention to enhance awareness of drug prevention and personal development among naval personnel in the Northern Naval Command, through outdoor performance.

 Accordingly, the issues were taken to the streets and a street drama under the theme “smoking cessation and drug prevention” was staged at all bases of the Northern Naval Command, from 03rd July to 05th July. It addressed major family issues as well as all other physical and financial issues combined with smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs. This endeavour also helped the naval persons working in a complete military setup to relieve their stress and taste a new aesthetic experience.

 The inaugural street drama session has been conducted at SLNS Uththara on 03rd July while, the same has been conducted at SLNS Elara and SLNS Agbo on 04th July. In addition, the entertainers continued to unveil the performance at SLNS Kanchadewa, SLNS Welusumana and SLNS Gotaimbara the following day.