SL Navy Marine contingent returns home on successful completion of exercise RIMPAC

SL Navy Marine personnel who departed the island on 21st May to attend the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) 2018, arrived home on 07th August after successful completion of the tour. The contingent was headed by Lieutenant Commander (Marine) Sanath Mahinda.

RIMPAC 2018 was the 26th exercise in the series that began in 1971. In total, the exercise was attended by 25,000 personnel from 25 countries- Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherland, New Zealand, Peru, The Republic of Korea, and The Republic of Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tonga, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam, 47 surface ships, 05 submarines and more than 200 air craft. The exercise was conducted from 27th June to 02nd August 2018 on the Hawaiian Islands and southern California. It was hosted and administered by the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet headquartered at Pearl Harbor in conjunction with the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard and Hawaii National Guard Force.

In Townville, Australia SL Navy Marines had 01 week of Field Training Exercise and similar training engagements with Royal Australian Navy and US Marines. During this period they received training on Military Operations in Urban Terrene, Combat Swimming, Field Signals, IA Drills and Simulated Firing. Further, SL Navy Marine contingent embarked onto HMAS Adelaide, a Royal Australian Navy Landing Helicopter Dock and toured Fiji and Tonga en route from Australia to Hawaii and executed Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief workshops and amphibious exercise.

SL Navy Marine contingent also arrived at the Pōhakuloa Training Area located on the island of Hawaii and had first-hand experience of rockets, hand grenade firing, MGs firing, 40mm grenade firing, 40mm GL, 60mm mortar and RPG firing. On 24th July they took part in the final field training exercise and experienced their very first Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) training as well.

RIMPAC - the world’s largest international maritime exercise includes rehearsal scenarios that cover disaster relief, amphibious operations, anti – piracy work, missile shots, mine clearance, maritime security and air defense operations. Rim of the Pacific provides a unique training opportunity designed to foster sustain cooperative relationship that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s interconnected oceans.