Navy rescues a Whale Shark in the seas off Alampil

A troop of naval personnel attached to SLNS Gotabhya in the Eastern Naval Command rescued a Whale Shark (Rhincodon Typus) that was stranded to Alampil beach area in Mulathivu and supported it to swim deep waters, yesterday (10th Sep).

On the information given by Mulathivu Fisheries Inspector Mr. Mohan Kumara to the Naval Detachment Alampil, the distressed Shark was guided about 03 nautical miles into the sea by Naval personnel attached to SLNS Gotabhya with a strenuous attempt under the directives of its Commanding Officer.

This creature is a one of the largest species belongs to the Shark family and weighs about 9000 Kg and about 9m in length. Their lifetime is around 70-100 years and included in the Red List also. Whale Shark is prohibited to catch in Sri Lankan waters.