Thirty (30) illegal Sri Lankan immigrants held by Navy in southern seas

Naval personnel attached to Fast Attack Craft (FACs) belonging to the Southern Naval Command, deployed on patrol to ward off illegal activities in Sri Lankan territorial waters, intercepted a suspicious trawler plying in southern seas this morning (07th March) and held 30 suspects onboard.

Having spotted a suspicious boat movement at sea about 80 nautical miles off the Galle Lighthouse, two Fast Attack Craft patrolling in southern sea area have been directed to the location of the suspicious trawler. Accordingly, the naval personnel held 30 illegal Sri Lankan immigrants aboard. The arrested suspects who are all males are due to be handed over to the Galle Harbour Police after a medical examination and preliminary naval investigation.

The Navy urges the general public not to involve in high risk sea-borne migration to overseas countries based on false information provided by human smugglers and reiterates that such attempts would finally end up behind bars.

Further the Navy reminds of its strong network of intelligence and regular patrols in place to nip such illegal migration efforts in the bud, as the country is following very strict measures to curb such attempts.