Navy renders assistance to repair damaged fishing vessel at seas off Thalaimannar

Naval personnel, today (12th May), rendered assistance to repair a damaged fishing vessel in the seas off the Thalaimannar sand dunes.

A group of naval personnel belonging to the Engineering branch and Diving unit in the North Central Naval Command sprang into action to repair a fishing vessel which was damaged after it rammed through the mounds of sand dunes IV and V in Thalaimannar.

This multi-day fishing vessel ‘Malshani 2’had left Kandakkuliya on 09th May for fishing. Upon being informed the Navy of the accident, a naval craft with a repair team and divers was rushed to the location of the damaged fishing vessel. Having reached the location, the team immediately undertook repair work and rectified the damage.

Sri Lanka Navy will continue to help naval as well as fishing community who make use of waters around the island, as and when they are in desperate need of help out at sea.