Navy Seva Vanitha Annual General Meeting held in Colombo

The President of the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit (NSVU), Mrs. Yamuna Wijegunaratne presided over the Annual General Meeting of the NSVU, held at the Wardroom premises of SLNS Parakrama on 18th January 2017. The event was attended by the senior members of the NSVU and members of the Officers’ Children’s Club.

During the meeting a range of matters of importance were discussed and new members were also elected for the Action Committees by the President. Subsequently, they held discussions on the programmes that are expected to be launched by the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit in due course. Among the programmes which were lengthy discussed to be launched were, a meditation programme for the members of the NSVU and Officers’ Children’s Club, physical fitness programmes, musical programme to support the mental health of naval personnel and a programme to distribute stationary and other related items free of charge among the school children in a difficult area, Wakarei in a bid to assist their educational needs.

Moreover, the President of the Officers’ Children’s Club, Sathyajith Wijegunaratne elected a new Secretary and an Action Committee for the Officers’ Children’s Club and extensively led discussions on future programmes and scope of the club. On completion of the proceedings of the meeting, Mrs. Wijegunaratne together with the members of NSVU and Officers’ Children’s Club enjoyed a dinner reception hosted for them.