Members of the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit donate school supplies to students of Kokkuvil Junior School

Following a concept of the President of the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit (NSVU), Mrs. Yamuna Wijegunaratne, school supplies were distributed among the children studying at the Kokkuvil Junior School in Vakarai, Batticaloa yesterday (24).

The Annual General Meeting of the Navy Seva Vanitha Unit, chaired by the President, was held on 18th January 2017 with the participation of the members of both NSVU and Officers’ Children’s Club. During the meeting, discussions were held to assist resource-less children of a school in a difficult area, in a bid to help their educational needs. As a consequence of this noble initiative, the members of NSUV and Officers’ Children’s Club made necessary arrangement for the event and the President of the NSVU officially donated school supplies and a water filter to the school.

The Principal and teachers of the Kokkuvil Junior School and parents of the children expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Wijegunaratne and all members for the donation made for their children in view of improving the educational standards of these children who are deprived of a number of resources.