Press Release

Related to the press release under the title ‘Fire onboard MT New Diamond completely doused’ issued on 07th September 2020 at 1230 hrs

Sri Lanka Navy in partnership with other stakeholders involved in the damage control operations of the fire-stricken MT New Diamond is working in full swing to prevent a recurrence of fire on distressed crude oil tanker. The fire smothering agents like water and chemicals are being used in this operation to disrupt the oxygen supply and heat which are integral parts in combustion process.

Meanwhile, 06 salvage operation experts as well as 11 damage control professionals arrived in the island with the consent of the company that works as the commercial and technical operator of MT New Diamond reached the location of the distressed ship to lend their expertise for this damage control mission which is currently underway about 30 nautical miles off Sangamankanda Point.

Further, this coordinated damage control mission is being well supported by 09 ships of Sri Lanka Navy, aircraft belonging to the Sri Lanka Air Force, an aircraft of the Indian Coast Guard, Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy as well as 05 tugs rushed to the scene by other stakeholders.

Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Navy and rest of the stakeholders are engaged in this damage control operation with constant vigilance until the risk of re-ignition of fire is completely over.