Naval operations lead to recover explosive items

Special naval operations conducted at Udayarkattu in Mullaitivu and at Kahalla in Katugasthota (a sand mining site of Mahaweli River) led to the recovery of several explosive items in past few days.

In an operation conducted by Eastern Naval Command together with Police STF- Kilinochchi, the security personnel managed to recover two 60 and 81mm mortars, two 120mm mortars, twelve 60mm Illumination Para mortars and parts of an unidentified mortar bomb. During another operation carried out by Western Naval Command, 07 safety fuse roles (10m in length) and 01 safety fuse role (8.5m in length) were found on a sand mining site near Mahaweli River in Kahalla, Katugasthota.

The recovered explosive items were defused by the Bomb Disposal Team of Kilinochchi Police STF. Meanwhile, the safety fuses were handed over to Katugasthota Police for onward investigation.