Navy assists apprehension of 04 suspects with over 33kg of Kerala cannabis

The Navy and Police managed to apprehend 02 suspects with over 33kg of Kerala cannabis, during a special coordinated operation conducted at Naruvilikkulam in Mannar on 09th October 2020.

Accordingly, the North Central Naval Command and Vankalai Police had conducted this special operation at Naruvilikkulam in Mannar, where the raiding party managed to seize 10 packages of Kerala cannabis weighing 33kg and 650g, in a gunny sack and apprehension of 02 suspects for possession of the stock of Kerala cannabis. Meanwhile, the apprehended persons were identified as the residents of the same area.

Moreover, in another operation carried out in the town area of Silawathura on 07th October 2020, the Northwestern Naval Command in coordination with the Parayanakulam Police STF nabbed 02 more suspects (a male and female) from the same locality, with 770g of Kerala cannabis made ready to be sold.

The apprehended persons along with the stock of cannabis were handed over to the Vankalai and Silawathura Police stations for onward legal action. Further, the Navy will continue to carry out its anti-drug operations in a bid to curb smuggling of such substances.