Navy rescues fishermen aboard stranded dinghy at sea

Sri Lanka Navy, with the facilitation of Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC Colombo) stationed at Navy Headquarters, leapt into action today (27th February 2021) to rescue 02 fishermen aboard a dinghy that was swept away to the Indian waters. The dinghy that had ventured out for fishing practice from South Bar, Mannar was in distress due to a technical failure.

27 Feb 2021

Navy assists apprehension of suspect with commercial explosives in Kinniya

The Navy and Police managed to apprehend a suspect (01) with commercial explosives known to be water gel and safety fuses, during a coordinated operation carried out in Kinniya, Trincomalee on 24th February 2021.

25 Feb 2021

Navy seizes over 02kg of Kerala cannabis and more than 400kg of dried turmeric attempted to be smuggled via sea

Naval operations conducted in Karsal, Mannar and seas off Thaulpadu, Mannar on 16th February 2021, led to the arrest of a suspect with over 02kg of Kerala cannabis and apprehension of 02 suspects attempting to smuggle over 400kg of dried turmeric into the island via sea.

18 Feb 2021

Navy nabs 03 suspects with over 16kg of Kerala cannabis

The Navy managed to apprehend 03 suspects with over 16kg of Kerala cannabis during special operations conducted in Uduththurei, Jaffna and Uppukulam, Mannar on 15th February 2021.

16 Feb 2021

Navy apprehends 179 persons for engaging in illegal fishing

Naval operations carried out from 01st January to 15th February 2021 in Western, Eastern, Northern, Northwestern, North Central and Southern, Naval Commands, led to the apprehension of 179 persons along with 42 fishing boats, a lorry, a three-wheeler and fishing accessories, for engaging in illegal fishing.

15 Feb 2021