Navy seizes stock of Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 70 million and onion seeds in northwestern and western seas

Naval patrols conducted in northwestern and western waters of the island on 07th May 2021, led to the seizure of over 235kg of Kerala cannabis and about 522kg of onion seeds, attempted to be smuggled into the country via sea routes.

08 May 2021

Navy assists apprehension of 03 suspects with narcotics

A special operation conducted by the Navy in Rajagiriya area on 03rd May 2021, led to the apprehension of 03 suspects with about 311g and 250mg of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) and about 47g and 600mg of hashish.

05 May 2021

Navy prevents 11 Indian fishing vessels from entering Sri Lankan waters

By virtue of special patrols being conducted in the sea area close to the Palk Strait these days to prevent illegal immigrants from entering Sri Lankan waters, the Navy was able to prevent 11 Indian fishing vessels with 86 individuals, from their suspicious attempt to enter into Sri Lankan waters today (04th May 2021).

04 May 2021

Navy recovers another haul of Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 55 million in northern seas

Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Coast Guard managed to recover another haul of Kerala cannabis weighing over 183kg, during a special operation in the seas north of Kankesanthurai in Jaffna, today (03rd May 2021).

03 May 2021

Press Release

Navy increases security in Sri Lankan waters to prevent illegal migration attempts

Sri Lanka Navy has deployed more naval units to patrol the northern and northwesters waters of the island around the clock, following the possibility of illegal migrants entering the shores of Sri Lanka via sea routes, which could surge the transmission of COVID pandemic in the country.

03 May 2021

Navy clears blockage under Wakwella bridge, Galle

The Navy pressed into service once again to remove heaps of debris collected under the Wakwella bridge, across the Gin Ganga in the Wakwella area, on 01st May 2021.

02 May 2021