Navy seizes a stock of Kerala cannabis in Mannar

Sri Lanka Navy seized a stock of Kerala cannabis weighing about 50kg and 380g (wet weight) during a patrol conducted in Urumalai beach, Mannar this morning (18th April 2022).

The seizure was made by SLNS Thammanna in the North Central Naval Command, during a patrol in Urumalai beach. Accordingly, the Navy took hold of about 50kg and 380g (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis in 14 packages, after detection of a suspicious sack lying on the the beach.

It is believed that the smugglers had left behind the stock of Kerala cannabis at the beach, being unable to take them away as a result of naval patrols in the area. The gross street value of the seized Kerala cannabis is believed to be over Rs. 15 million.

The seized stock of Kerala cannabis is being kept in naval custody for onward legal proceedings.