Navy clears blockages under several bridges in Galle, averting a flood threat

Sri Lanka Navy on 03rd August 2022 yet again pressed into action to clear blockages under Agaliya and Dodamgoda Bridges in Galle, as downstream of water at those locations has been blocked by tree remains and debris. Due to heavy rains received in the past couple of days, the water level in the Gin Ganga had risen, hampering the free flow of water under those bridges.

As a result of the heavy rainfall, the water level of Gin Ganga has increased sweeping away wooden trunks and other debris on the river bank and clogging them under narrow bridges across the river. Remaining alert to these developments, Sri Lanka Navy often clears debris under those bridges, averting possible flood threat in the area.

Making a dedicated commitment to restore the downstream of river water, a team including Navy divers from the Southern Naval Command was sent to the locations by the Navy. The naval personnel after hours of strenuous effort ensured proper downstream of water whilst averting the flood threat in low-lying areas.