Navy takes hold of over 2448kg of smuggled Kendu Leaves in Negombo

A special search operation carried out by the Navy in Duwa area, Negombo on 08th November 2022 made way for the seizure of over 2448kg of smuggled Kendu Leaves, 02 lorries, 01 dinghy and apprehension of 02 suspects.

Sri Lanka Navy conducts regular operations to prevent a wide range of illegal activities stemming from the coastal areas of the island. In a similar effort, SLNS Parakrama in the Western Naval Command searched 02 lorries parked in Duwa area, during a special search operation conducted on 08th November, upon receipt of information to the Naval Intelligence. Following inspection of the vehicles, led to the recovery of about 1580kg and 940g of Kendu Leaves in 48 packages loaded in the lorries with the intention of distribution. Meanwhile, the Navy also held 02 suspects involved in this illegal act.

Further search carried out by the Navy in the lagoon area of Duwa also led to the recovery of 26 packages containing about 867kg and 200g of Kendu Leaves from a dinghy.

The suspects held in this operation were identified as residents of Negombo, aged 28 and 41. The accused along with the vehicles, dinghy and about 2448kg and 140g of Kendu Leaves were handed over to the Customs Preventive Office – Katunayake for onward legal action.