Navy renders towing assistance to distressed local fishing trawler in eastern seas

The Sri Lanka Navy rendered towing assistance to a distressed local multiday fishing trawler in eastern seas and guided it safely to the Cod Bay Fisheries Harbour today (10th March 2023). In coordination with the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo established at the Navy Headquarters, this SAR operation was mounted to rescue 06 fishermen on the fishing trawler which was in distress, due to a mechanical failure, about 54 nautical miles (about 100km) off the eastern coast.

The fishing trawler (Uvindu Putha 03 Reg. No. IMUL-A-0792 -TLE) was reported to have left the Cod Bay Fisheries Harbour, Trincomalee on 05th March with 06 fishermen. As the fishing trawler was in distress about 54 nautical miles (about 100 km) off the eastern coast, due to a mechanical failure caused by seawater seeping into the multi-day fishing trawler, a distress call was disseminated to MRCC Colombo through the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, requesting assistance.

In response to the request for assistance, the Navy rushed SLNS Ranadheera attached to the Eastern Naval Command to rescue the fishing trawler and its fishermen, at the directives of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera. Having reached the sea area where the fishing trawler was in distress, the Navy guided the defected trawler with 06 fishermen to the Cod Bay Fisheries Harbour on 10th March.

Remaining true to its duty, MRCC Colombo at the Navy Headquarters coordinates and oversees maritime search and rescue (SAR) operations in its designated area of responsibility, in coordination with MRCCs in the region.