Navy seizes Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 41 Mn street value in Madagal, Jaffna

A foot patrol conducted by the Navy in the beach area of Madagal in Jaffna led to the seizure of over 126kg of Kerala cannabis on the night of 10th March 2023.

The Navy conducts regular search operations in the coastal areas around the country to prevent a wide range of illegal activities. In this regard, the Coastal Observation Points of the Navy plays a vital role, remaining ever alert to nefarious activities stemming from the coastal areas. In a similar effort, SLNS Agbo in the Northern Naval Command made this apprehension in the beach area of Madagal in the dark hours of 10th March. During the foot patrol, naval personnel took hold of 04 suspicious sacks at the beach and recovered 55 packages of Kerala cannabis in them. Accordingly, the seized stock of Kerala cannabis weighed about 126kg and 800g.

‍Meanwhile, the gross street value of the stock of Kerala cannabis is believed to be over Rs. 41 million. It is also believed that smugglers might have left behind the stock at the beach, due to constant naval search operations in the area. The seized narcotic substance has been kept in the naval custody until it is produced for onward legal action.