Navy takes hold of over 836kg of smuggled Kendu leaves in Kalpitiya

The Navy seized over 836kg of smuggled Kendu leaves during separate operations carried out off Paramunai and Kudawa beach area in Kalpitiya on 30th April and 01st May 2023. The search operations also led to the apprehension of 01 dinghy and 02 persons in connection to the acts of smuggling.

The Navy often conducts patrols and search operations in coastal and sea areas surrounding the island, to ward off the influx of contraband through sea routes.

As a result of these efforts, SLNS Vijaya belonging to the Northwestern Naval Command intercepted a suspicious dinghy, during a search conducted off Paramunai in the dark hours on 30th April. When searched, the Navy recovered 17 sacks of Kendu leaves weighing about 550kg and 750g and took them into custody along with the dinghy and 02 suspects involved in the racket.

Meanwhile, SLNS Vijaya also recovered about 286kg and 200g of smuggled Kendu leaves, in 09 sacks, from the Kudawa beach, during a search carried out in the area this morning (01st May).

The suspects held are residents of Anawasala in Kalpitiya, aged 18 and 23. The accused along with the total consignment of Kendu leaves held in both operations and the dinghy were handed over to the Customs Preventive Office in Katunayake for onward legal action.