Navy recovers 50 commercial explosive sticks from Allappiddi, Jaffna

A search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy in Allappiddi, Jaffna on 30th April 2023, led to the recovery of 50 explosive sticks - a type of commercial explosive, 15 non-electric detonators and 172cm of safety fuse.

The Navy stays ever alert and conducts regular search operations to prevent illegal fishing practices carried out using explosives; as such activities deal a heavy blow to the marine ecosystem. In a similar effort, SLNS Kanchadewa and SLNS Welusumana in the Northern Naval Command made this recovery, during a search carried out in Allappiddi. The commercial explosive sticks, non-electric detonators and safety fuse had been hidden close to the beach, stuffed in a bag.

It is believed that these explosive items might have been hidden there, to be used for illegal fishing. The items have been kept in naval custody until they are handed over to authorities for onward legal action.