Navy recovers over 85kg of Kerala cannabis in Jaffna

A search operation conducted by the Navy in the South beach area of Mandaitivu Island, Jaffna this morning (08th May 2023) led to the recovery of over 85kg (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis.

The Navy often conducts patrols and search operations in the coastal and sea areas of the island, with a view to preventing smuggling acts and other illegal activities stemming from sea routes.

During a search operation carried out by SLNS Welusumana in the Northern Naval Command this morning, the recovery of 03 sacks of Kerala cannabis was made from shrubs nearby South beach area of Mandaitivu Island, Jaffna. The sacks contained 22 packages stuffed with Kerala cannabis weighing about 85kg and 450g, which were taken into naval custody.

Meanwhile, the gross street value of the stock of Kerala cannabis held in this search operation is believed to be over Rs. 28 million. The consignment of narcotic substance has been kept in the naval custody until it is handed over to authorities for onward legal action.