Navy clears logjam under Wakwella Bridge, easing flooding concerns

The Sri Lanka Navy, renowned for their expertise in disaster response, was called upon once again to clear a logjam under the Wakwella Bridge, on 19th and 22nd May 2023. The logjam consisted of garbage and debris washed away by heavy rains, obstructing the natural flow of the Gin Ganga at the Wakwella Bridge.

The narrow Wakwella Bridge, has been known for collecting debris during periods of heavy rainfall. Carelessly dumped garbage along the riverside, combined with fallen tree remains, was carried downstream by the rising water levels of the Gin Ganga. As a consequence, the accumulated waste became trapped under the bridge, restricting the water's free flow and exacerbating flood risks in in low-lying areas on both sides of the river.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Sri Lanka Navy promptly responded to the call for assistance. Working in close collaboration with the Department of Irrigation, the Navy deployed a group of Navy Divers and Rapid Response Rescue & Relief Unit - 4RU personnel attached to SLNS Dakshina in the Southern Naval Command to tackle the logjam and restore the river's natural flow.