Navy takes hold of smuggled Tendu leaves weighing over 6230kg in August

The Sri Lanka Navy took hold of over 6230kg of Tendu leaves, during special search operations conducted in the month of August alone in 2023. During these operations the Navy also apprehended 09 suspects and 03 dinghies in connection to these incidents.

The Sri Lanka Navy conducts regular search operations and patrols in the coastal areas of the island, with a view to prevent the influx of smuggled and illegal items into the island, via sea routes.

Continuing such efforts, these separate operations were mounted by SLNS Vijaya, SLNS Thambapanni, SLNS Kelani, Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) and Sri Lanka Coast Guard in the western and northwestern sea and coastal areas. The operations resulted in the seizure of about 6230kg and 570g of Tendu leaves and apprehension of 09 suspects and 03 dinghies in the month of August alone.

Meanwhile, the apprehended stock of Tendu leaves along with the suspects and dinghies were handed over to relevant authorities for legal action.

With continuous naval operations, it is expected to deter the unlawful smuggling of Tendu leaves into Sri Lanka via sea routes, promote the lawful import of them in adherence to the established legal framework, and thereby bolster the government's tax income. As long as the consignment of Tendu leaves held by the Navy is considered, it is believed that the government incurred a loss of more than Rs. 37 million in tax revenue, as they have been smuggled into the island by illegal means.