Navy assists in clearing blockage beneath Agaliya Bridge in Galle

In a noteworthy display of it expertise, the Sri Lanka Navy on 18th September 2023 cleared the blockage under the Agaliya Bridge which is over Gin River in Baddegama area of Galle, ensuring the smooth flow of water downstream.

Following heavy rains, tree remains and other debris carried by raging waters of Gin River collect under the Agaliya Bridge, hampering smooth flow of river water. Remaining ever alert to these developments, the Sri Lanka Navy often clears blockages beneath the bridges, to avert possible flood threat in low-lying areas.

Accordingly, a team of Navy divers and a group of Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) personnel attached to the Southern Naval Command were pressed into action to clear the blockage under the Agaliya Bridge, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of water downstream. With the timely involvement of the Navy, a potential flood threat in the area was successfully averted.