Navy seizes stock of Kendu leaves being smuggled by sea

A naval operation conducted in the seas off Kochchikade, Negombo led to the seizure of about 770kg of Kendu leaves attempted to be smuggled into the island and apprehension of 06 suspects, in the early hours on 10th April 2021.

11 Apr 2021

Navy continues operations to prevent illegal fishing practices by means of commercial explosives

The Navy carried out special operations in the Eastern Naval Command during the past week, with a view to prevent illegal fishing practices conducted using commercial explosives. During these operations, the Navy managed to nab 02 suspects with several commercial explosives devised for blast fishing.

09 Apr 2021

Navy apprehends 20 persons suspected to have attempted to illegally migrate from country

A special operation carried out by the Navy in Kondachchikuda, Silawathura made way for the apprehension of 20 individuals whom were suspected to have attempted to illegally migrate to a foreign country by sea on 06th April 2021.

08 Apr 2021

Navy seizes Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 10 million

A special operation conducted by the Navy in the coastal area of Wankaleipadu in Mannar on 30th March 2021, led to the seizure of over 33kg of Kerala cannabis.

01 Apr 2021

Navy takes hold of 10219 illegally harvested sea cucumbers

Naval operations carried out in Eastern, Northern, Northwestern and North Central Naval Commands in the past 02 weeks led to the seizure of 10219 sea cucumbers illegally harvested through night diving and apprehension of a group of individuals and diving gear used for this illegal act.

31 Mar 2021

Sudden fire erupted in fishing trawler at Dikkowita harbour smothered, averting severe destruction

Sri Lanka Navy’s Fire Fighting Unit sprang into action to douse a fire that suddenly broke out in a multi-day fishing trawler at the Dikkowita fishery harbour today (29th March 2021).

29 Mar 2021

Navy apprehends 05 Indian fishing vessels and 54 Indian nationals whilst poaching in Sri Lankan waters

Sri Lanka Navy in the dark hours on 24th March 2021 apprehended 05 Indian fishing vessels along with 54 Indian nationals while poaching close to Sri Lanka.

25 Mar 2021

Navy nabs 02 suspects with Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 71 million

During a special operation conducted at Veththalakerni in Jaffna today (22nd March 2021), the Navy managed to apprehend 02 suspects for transporting about 239kg and 850g of Kerala cannabis by a tipper truck.

22 Mar 2021

Over 2221kg of smuggled dried turmeric seized during naval operations

Special operations conducted by the Navy at Mohoththuwaram beach in Kalpitiya and Kuduirippu beach in Talaimannar on 19th and 20th March 2021 led to the seizure of 2221kg and 600g of dried turmeric (in wet weight). It is believed that the consignments were left behind by racketeers in fear of naval operations, after they were smuggled into the country via sea.

21 Mar 2021

Navy apprehends 02 suspects for smuggling turmeric and cardamom by sea

A naval operation conducted in seas off Talaimannar made way for the apprehension of 02 suspects who were attempting to smuggle about 349kg of turmeric and 156kg of cardamom into the island, on 15th March 2021.

16 Mar 2021