Navy assists seizure of 200kg of heroin and ice in Marawila

The Navy rendered assistance to apprehend 04 suspects along with 100kg of heroin and 100kg of crystal methamphetamine (ice), during a special operation carried out in Thoduwawa area, Marawila today (06th December 2020).

06 Dec 2020

Navy extends relief to community affected by cyclonic storm ‘Burevi’

Leaped into action following the cyclonic storm ‘Burevi’, Sri Lanka Navy is currently extending relief to people in the Northern and North Central Provinces, affected by the cyclone entered the country from the northeast of Sri Lanka on 02nd December 2020.

04 Dec 2020

Navy seizes over 1385kg of smuggled dried turmeric and 23g of heroin with 18 suspects

During separate operations conducted in the North Central, Northern and Eastern Naval Commands in the past week, the Navy was able to seize 1385kg and 500g of smuggled dried turmeric with 08 suspects and 23g and 02mg of heroin with 10 more suspects in several areas in the island.

01 Dec 2020

A stock of smuggled contraband held in seas off Sawariyapuram

During a special search operation carried out in the seas off Sawariyapuram, Silawathura on 29th November 2020, the Navy was able to nab 02 suspects attempting to smuggle an assortment of contraband into the country.

29 Nov 2020

Navy seizes over 1372kg of dried turmeric attempted to be smuggled by sea

A special operation conducted by the Navy led to the seizure of over 1372kg of smuggled dried turmeric and apprehension of 05 Indian nationals, in the seas off the Kudiramalei Point, Puttalam in the dark hours on 28th November 2020.

29 Nov 2020

A group of suspicious illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka intercepted off Pesalai

Sri Lanka Navy apprehended five (05) Sri Lankans who were suspected to have attempted to illegally migrate to India from Sri Lanka by sea and two (02) more suspects for working out this illegal act, in the sea area of Pesalai in Mannar on 28th November 2020.

29 Nov 2020

Navy releases 08 sea turtles entangled in fishing net

The Navy patrolling off south of Mannar released 08 sea turtles, having found them entangled in a fishing net, on 28th November 2020.

29 Nov 2020

Navy recovers 1067kg of dried turmeric and apprehends a suspect in Puttalam

The Navy managed to recover a hidden stock of dried turmeric weighing 1067kg and apprehension of a suspect, during a special search operation conducted in Puttalam on 25th November 2020.

26 Nov 2020

Navy seizes 710kg of smuggled dried turmeric and over 03kg of Kerala cannabis at Erukkulampiddi

A special search operation carried out by the Navy and Police in the beach area of Erukkulampiddi in Mannar, led to the apprehension of 02 suspects and seizure of 710kg of smuggled dried turmeric and over 03kg and 700g of Kerala cannabis on 20th November 2020.

21 Nov 2020

Navy assists apprehension of 06 suspects with Ice, heroin and Kerala cannabis

Sri Lanka Navy managed to apprehend 06 suspects with Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice), heroin and Kerala cannabis, during special operations conducted in North Central and Eastern Naval Commands during the past couple of days.

19 Nov 2020