Navy seizes stock of Kerala cannabis in northern seas

The Navy in coordination with Sri Lanka Coast Guard seized over 111kg stock of Kerala cannabis, during a special operation conducted in the sea area off Madagalthurei, Jaffna on 11th October 2020.

11 Oct 2020

Two (02) locally made guns and suspect held with Navy’s assistance

The Navy, Sri Lanka Coast Guard and Police STF managed to seize 02 locally made guns and apprehend a suspect (01), during search operations conducted in Naruvilikkulam, Mannar and Kirinda on 08th and 09th October 2020.

11 Oct 2020

Navy assists apprehension of 04 suspects with over 33kg of Kerala cannabis

The Navy and Police managed to apprehend 02 suspects with over 33kg of Kerala cannabis, during a special coordinated operation conducted at Naruvilikkulam in Mannar on 09th October 2020.

10 Oct 2020

Navy clears blockage under Wakwella Bridge in Galle

The Navy often contributes for the removal of obstructions at old narrow bridge of Wakwella over Gin Ganga, caused by the heavy downpour. Accordingly, naval personnel were yet again pressed into action to remove debris collected under the Wakwella Bridge on 05th October.

08 Oct 2020

Navy assists apprehension of 07 suspects with illegal drugs

A number of special search operations conducted by the Navy and Police in the Northwestern, Southern and Eastern Naval Commands from 30th September to 06th October 2020 had made way to the apprehension of 07 suspects with narcotic substances.

07 Oct 2020

Navy renders assistance to apprehend 06 suspects with over 02 tons of dried turmeric

Special operations conducted by the Navy in Punapitiya, Udappuwa and Sinnapadu, Kalpitiya on 06th and 07th October 2020 made way to apprehend 03 suspects with over 1700kg of smuggled dried turmeric as well as to arrest 03 more suspects with over 344kg of dried turmeric and a lorry in Wankaleipadu, Mannar, during another operation carried out with the Police.

07 Oct 2020

Navy seizes over 902kg of smuggled dried turmeric in Mannar

The Navy nabbed 02 suspects with a stock of over 902kg of dried turmeric, while being smuggled by sea. The apprehension was made at the Thalvupadu Beach in Mannar, during a special search conducted by the Navy on 02nd October 2020.

03 Oct 2020

Forty three (43) persons engaged in illegal fishing held by Navy

During special operations conducted in the Eastern, Northern and North Central Naval Commands in the previous week, the Navy apprehended 43 persons along with dinghies and fishing gear for engaging in illegal fishing.

30 Sep 2020

Navy assists apprehension of 09 suspects with illegal drugs

The search operations conducted in past few days by Sri Lanka Navy in Southern, North Central, Western and Northwestern Naval Commands, resulted apprehension of 08 suspects, 01 female suspect with heroin, Kerala cannabis and local cannabis.

29 Sep 2020

Navy assists apprehension of 952kg stock of smuggled dried turmeric

The Navy with the assistance of Police apprehended a suspect with about 952kg of dried turmeric, during a special search operation conducted at Irukkulampiddi in Mannar on 28th September 2020. Further, the consignment of turmeric is believed to have been smuggled into the country by sea routes.

29 Sep 2020