Navy seizes stock of Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 31 million with 06 suspects

Special operations conducted by Sri Lanka Navy led to the seizure of over 106kg of Kerala cannabis and apprehension of six (06) suspects across the island.

10 Nov 2020

Navy safely brings ashore fire-hit fishing trawler and its distressed fishermen

Having successfully doused a fire broke out aboard a multi-day fishing trawler off the southern coast, the Navy managed to safely bring ashore the fire-hit trawler and the fishermen aboard to Galle harbour today (07th November 2020).

07 Nov 2020

Navy takes hold of over 5711kg of dried turmeric smuggled by sea

Sri Lanka Navy apprehended 06 suspects with over 5711kg of dried turmeric attempted to be smuggled into the island, during special operations conducted in Northwestern Naval Command on 06th November 2020.

07 Nov 2020

Naval operations net 40 persons with illegally harvested sea cucumber

Naval search operations conducted in the past couple of days in North Central and Northwestern Commands led to the apprehension of 40 persons with 2186 illegally harvested sea cucumbers.

06 Nov 2020

Navy nabs 02 suspects with Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 63 million

A special search operation carried out by the Navy in the sea area off Vettalakeni on 05th November 2020, led to the apprehension of two (02) suspects attempting to smuggle about 213kg of Kerala cannabis worth over Rs. 63 million, by sea into the island.

05 Nov 2020

Navy renders assistance to save pod of whales stranded on Panadura Beach

Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Coast Guard sprang in to action on 02nd November 2020 to save a pod of whales beached on Panadura area and send them back into deep seas.

03 Nov 2020

Navy seizes over 04 tons of dried turmeric along with 16 suspects

The Navy managed to seize over 4150kg of smuggled dried turmeric and apprehend 16 suspects involved in the racketeering, during special operations conducted in Northwestern and North Central Naval Commands on 30th and 31st October 2020.

01 Nov 2020

Navy assists apprehension of 03 suspects with drugs worth over Rs. 29 million

The Navy managed to collar 03 suspects and seizure of 98kg and 715g of Kerala cannabis and 950mg of Crystal Methamphetamine (ICE) worth over Rs. 29 million, during operations carried out in the previous week.

31 Oct 2020

Ten (10) persons held during naval operations in Eastern and Northwestern Seas

The Navy managed to apprehend 10 persons who engaged in illegal fishing, during its operations carried out in the Eastern and Northwestern sea areas on 27th and 28th October 2020.

29 Oct 2020

Navy nabs twenty five (25) individuals during naval operations

Operations conducted by the Navy during the last week in Eastern, Northern, North Central, Northwestern and Southern Naval Areas led to the apprehension of 25 individuals who were engaging in illegal fishing and other unlawful acts in different parts of the island.

28 Oct 2020