Navy renders assistance to clear blockages under Wakwella and Dodamgoda Bridges

The Navy is continuously supporting in the removal of obstructions at old narrow bridges of Dodangoda and Wakwella over Gin Ganga, caused by the heavy rainfall. Incidentally, naval personnel yet again sprang into action to remove debris collected under the Dodamgoda and Wakwella Bridges in Galle and cleared obstructions to the flow of the Gin Ganga at those locations.

23 Sep 2020

Navy seizes over 32kg of Kerala cannabis

The Navy took hold of over 32kg of Kerala cannabis, during a special search conducted at the Paramunai Island close to Baththalangunduwa, Kalpitiya on 17th September 2020.

18 Sep 2020

Naval operation nets over 520kg of dried turmeric in Mannar

A special operation conducted by the Navy in the sea area of Mundalampiddi, Mannar on 16th September 2020, made way to apprehend 03 suspects with over 520kg of dried turmeric attempted to be smuggled into the island.

17 Sep 2020

Two (02) persons held with explosives in Sampoor

During a coordinated operation conducted by the Navy with the Police STF, 02 suspects had been apprehended with water gel explosive in Sampoor on 16th September 2020.

17 Sep 2020

Navy foils smuggling attempt by apprehending suspects with 818kg of dried turmeric

Naval operations led to the seizure of an 818kg consignment of dried turmeric attempted to be smuggled into the island by sea and apprehension of 02 suspects, today 16th September 2020.

16 Sep 2020

Navy apprehends group of individuals engaged in illegal fishing

During search operations conducted in Northern and North Central Naval Commands in the past week, naval personnel apprehend a group of individuals along with their fishing gear for engaging in illegal fishing.

16 Sep 2020

Navy recovers assortment of explosive items in Mullivaikkal

During a special search conducted in Mullivaikkal, Mullaitivu on 15th September 2020, the Navy managed to recover an assortment of explosive items from a private development site.

16 Sep 2020

Navy assists raiding of local cannabis cultivation

The Navy in coordination with the Sooriyawewa Police STF had raided a local cannabis cultivation and apprehended 02 suspects at Balaharuwa in Thanamalwila on 11th September 2020.

12 Sep 2020

Naval personnel remove woody debris under Aviththawa Bridge

The Navy in the past week enabled manpower to clear debris collected under the Aviththawa Bridge over Bentara Ganga, as it hampered the free flow of river water.

11 Sep 2020

Navy assists apprehension of 05 suspects with heroin and Kerala cannabis

Operations conducted by the Navy with Police and Police STF at Shanthipuram in Mannar, Jinnapuram in Pulmoddai, Richmond Hill and railway station in Galle in the past couple of days led to the apprehension of five (05) suspects with heroin and Kerala cannabis.

11 Sep 2020