Indonesian Naval Ship “Kri Frans Kaisiepo” arrives at the Port of Colombo on a Goodwill Visit

The Indonesian naval ship, ‘Kri Frans Kaisiepo’ arrived at the port of Colombo on 23rd March 2014 on a goodwill visit. It was ceremonially welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in accordance with naval traditions on arrival.

Kri Frans Kaisiepo is a corvette belonging to the Indonesian Navy. It is 90 meters in length and has a displacement of 1,444 tons. The ship is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel (Navy) Ade Nanno Suwardi and carries a complement of 100 naval personnel including 09 officers and 91 sailors.

The visiting ship will stay in Sri Lanka until 25th March 2014 and the crew is scheduled to participate in a series of programs organized by the Sri Lanka Navy to enhance the friendly relations between the two Navies during their stay in Sri Lanka.