A Brave Navy Diver rescues a drowning child

Naval diver Sampath Amarasinghe who was on duty at Kurikadduwan Jetty, Pungudativu Island, Jaffna saved a six year old boy named Basenar who slipped and fell in to the sea through a narrow gap between the jetty and passenger ferry whilst attempting to board the ferry .

It is the general practice of public in the North to use ferries for their day-to-day transportation needs to the mainland from their native islands like Delft, Analativu, Eluvativu and Nainativu. Basenar who lives in Nainativu Island, was said be on the way home with his parents when this unfortunate incident occurred around 1600 hrs on 09th September 2014.

The prompt action taken by the sailor saved child’s life from drowning and prevented grave injuries that could have been caused to him by pounding against the wall of the jetty and ferry. The Brave action displayed by HGAS Amarasinghe is a commendable and it is consistent with the Sri Lanka Navy’s numerous rescue missions carried out to save the lives of General public whenever they are in distress.

HGAS Amarasinghe suffered minor Injuries by the encounter and presently has been admitted to Teaching Hospital (Jaffna) for treatments.