Navy assists construction of community building in Mullikulum

As part of its community development project, the Navy rendered assistance to the construction of the Community Building in Mullikulum. The spacious building intended for community functions was constructed by the North Western Naval Command, utilizing the building materials supplied by the villagers. The Bishop of Mannar, His Lordship Rayappu Joseph declared open the newly-constructed community building on 13th September 2014 in the presence of the Deputy Area Commander of the North Western Naval Area, Commodore Ananda Guruge. The Commanding Officer of SLNS Barana, Captain HAP Kaldera was also present on the occasion along with a large number of residents in the area.

The Navy’s community development programmes in Mullikulum are being coordinated by the North Western Naval Command under the guidance of the Commander of the Navy. They have paved the way for the social and religious revival in the once war-ravaged village. The Navy ensured the civilian safety and the people have now returned to resume a new life with dignity. Permanent dwelling places have been constructed for the returnees to live in happiness. Navy’s continuous livelihood assistance has enabled the residents to resume their livelihoods in fisheries and agricultural sectors. Fishing boats have also been donated to those who are engaged in fishing, with a view to uplift their living conditions.

The historical Church of Our Lady of Assumption in Mullikulam, which is held in reverence by the people, was fully renovated by the Navy. It now serves as a source of spiritual guidance for the people praying to coexist in communal harmony after their liberation from a cruel grip of terrorism that plagued the peaceful island-nation for over three decades.

The Navy has also enlisted several female community members to work as teachers under a special scheme. They now have permanent employment with a steady income for their families. All render valuable assistance to improve the educational levels of the children in the area.

To uplift the curative and preventive medical care of the newly-resettled community, the Command Medical Department of the North Western Naval Area conducts field medical clinics on a regular basis. Patients are treated for communicable, non-communicable, oral, childhood and old age diseases and women health problems at the primary family health care level. All investigations, medicines and nutritional supplements are provided to them free of charge.