Navy will never forget its heroes - Commander of the Navy

Sri Lanka Navy, which played a pivotal role in ushering in lasting peace to the island-nation, will never forget its heroes. It will be forever grateful to the noble sacrifices made by the naval personnel who paved the way for the eradication of terrorism from the country. This was stated by the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera addressing the members of the KIA, MIA and WIA families in the Western Naval Area at the war hero felicitation held at the Welisara Naval Complex on 03rd January 2015. The Navy Commander also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the war-hero family members for their valuable support which had been the greatest morale booster to the men and women fighting in the battle front defending the Nation and the lives of their loved ones back at home. He also reiterated the Navy’s continues assistance to the war-hero families and pledged all possible support to ensure their welfare on behalf of those heroic naval personnel who brought honour to the Navy and freedom to the country through their bravery.

The Navy Seva Vanitha Unit President Mrs. Shalika Perera and senior naval officers were also present at the event organized under the supervision of the Commander Western Naval Area Rear Admiral Dayananda Nanayakkara. Medical consultation by consultant physicians and renowned specialists in the island was also available for the benefits of the invitees along with subject-specific professional advice on a range of matters related to family welfare, healthcare, life insurance, loan facilities and children's education. Several entertainment activities were also conducted for the children to share the joy of the occasion.

Sri Lanka Navy’s annual War Heroes felicitation is held this year under the direction of the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera. Tribute is paid to the Navy’s KIA, MIA and WIA personnel for their noble sacrifices which paved the way for the eradication of LTTE terrorism that plagued the entire nation for over three decades. Their true heroism and unflinching bravery, shown under the most trying conditions at a very crucial juncture in the humanitarian operation conducted to safeguard the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Motherland, is remembered with the deepest gratitude and saluted according the highest honour.

The defeating of the most ruthless and well-equipped terrorist organization is the greatest achievement of our times, made possible by the unwavering political leadership of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the far-sighted military guidance of the Secretary of Defense Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The President and the Secretary of Defense’s steadfast support had been the towering strength behind the naval personnel’s inspiration to cruise ahead notwithstanding the suicidal threats both at sea and on land to achieve the final victory that has brought the lasting peace we all enjoy today.

Unlike in the rest of the world, Sri Lankan war heroes are never forgotten and relegated to obscurity as a spent force. Thanks’ to the Government’s timely intervention and the respective Service Commanders’ continuous concerns, numerous welfare measures are being implemented to assist the war heroes and their families. Houses, land, financial loans, medical facilities, assistance for children’s education are but a few provided to ensure that they and their families are well-cared for by a grateful society that holds in eternal gratitude the sacrifice of war heroes' tomorrow for the wellbeing they enjoy today. The first ever military reality show, “Ranaviru Real Star”, is also a fitting public tribute to the forces’ personnel to show that they are appreciated for their talents as humane men and women behind the guns. The heart-felt cheer and the resounding applause accorded whenever they come on stage is evidence for the love and the respect all the true citizens of Mother Lanka have for the noble sons and daughters who changed their destiny in the annals of the country.

Parallel felicitation programmes are being conducted in the respective Naval Areas under the direction of the Commander of the Navy to pay respect to the war hero families.