RNBF & VNBF Raffle Draw "Thilina Malla"

The prize awarding ceremony of the RNBF and VNBF Raffle Draw, "Thilina Malla", was held at the Lighthouse Galley on 05th January 2015. The Director General Services, Rear Admiral Dharmendra Wettewa attended the event as the Chief Guest and gave away the prizes to the winners.

The Regular Naval Benevolent Fund (RNBF) and the Volunteer Naval Benevolent Fund (VNBF) Raffle Draw, “Thilina Malla” was held at the SLNS Parakrama Auditorium on 29th December 2014 under the patronage of its President, Chief of Staff of the Navy, Rear Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne. Naval personnel who had accounts in the RNBF and the VNBF were eligible for the raffle draw which offered a wide range of exciting prizes for the winners.

The first prizes of the RNBF Raffle Draw, three brand new tri-shows, were won by CPO HP Nishantha, PO KMLK Kanakarathne and ME LCK Thilakarathne. The first prize of the VNBF Raffle Draw, a brand new tri-show, was won by AB WI Thushara. There were also a 3D TV, 15 smart phones, 07 washing machines, 15 home theaters, fifteen 32’ LED televisions, 16 laptop computers, and 03 scooters for the winners of the RNBF category. For the VNBF category, there were also 02 motorbikes, 10 laptops and ten 32" LED TVs as consolation prizes.

The benevolent funds set up for RNF and VNF Personnel have grown over the years due to their efficient management. Today many benefits are on offer for the members with a range of personal loans at concessionary rates. “Thilina Malla”, which has now become an annual event, shares the benefits of the funds with the loyal members.