Navy upgrades SNC's ship maintenance facilities

Upgrading the ship maintenance facilities, the Sri Lanka Navy commenced the expansion of the existing slip way at SLNS Dakshina in Galle by adding a side-slip way on 13th March 2014 to cater to the long line-up of under-water maintenance of the Sri Lanka naval ships and craft. The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera, ceremonially opened the project on 17th April 2015 by shifting SLNS Ranavijaya on to the new side-slip. Senior naval officers representing the Naval Headquarters and the Southern Naval Command and a large number of sailors including those who took part in the slipway construction were also present on the occasion.

The new under-water maintenance facility, which was initially planned to be out-sourced, was constructed by the Engineers of the Sri Lanka Navy spending only 1/3 of the expected cost. Dr. Rungika Halwatura of the University of Mortuwa and Dr. Nandita Hettiarachchi of the University of Ruhuna were presented with special mementoes by the Commander of the Navy at the occasion to appreciate their free consultation on design for the project.

The newly constructed slipway is 37.5m in length and 10m in width and is capable enough to slip various categories of ships and craft weighing less than 500 tons. Only the slip way in Trincomalee had the side-slipping facility before this new expansion to the slip-way in Galle.