Blood donation campaign at SLNS Parakrama

A special blood donation campaign organized by SLNS Parakrama in collaboration with the Mahamevna Meditation Centre and Shradha TV & Radio was held at the auditorium of SLNS Parakrama on 24th April 2015. A large number of naval and civilian personnel attached to the Naval Headquarters and SLNS Parakrama voluntarily donated blood, to make their contribution to the National Blood Collection. Mrs. Shalika Perera was also present on the occasion to witness the first meritorious act performed by the Sri Lanka Navy as part of this year’s Vesak celebrations.

The event commenced with the religious observances administered by the Maha Sangha. It was followed by a Dhamma discussion which focussed on several key areas of Buddhist teachings which are important for righteous living and moral conduct. The at conducted with the participations of large number of personnel was of great significance in view of the preparations to celebrate the thrice-blessed day, Vesak, which falls on 03rd May.

A team of medical doctors, Public Health Inspectors, nurses and health workers attached to the National Blood Bank and the Central Blood Bank of the Colombo National Hospital rendered professional assistance to the successful conduct of the blood donation campaign.