Navy deploys life saving teams to assist devotees

The Navy has deployed Rapid, Response, Rescue, and Relief Squadron (4Rs) personnel to provide life saving and other necessary assistance to the devotees at Okanda and Thalawila during the festival season.

A 4Rs team with life saving equipment has been deployed at the beach adjacent to the Okanda Temple where devotees congregate while on their way to Kataragama. In addition, threes 4Rs teams have also been deployed at the beach of Thalawila to provide assistance to devotees during the feast of St. Anne’s Church.

During the last Poson festival season, the SLN deployed 20 teams in 11 lakes in Anuradhapura and Trincomalee, and they were able to save four civilians from drowning in the Nuwarawewa, Tissawewa, Thanthirimalai Pokuna and Kalawewa.  

The Navy’s Rapid, Response, Rescue, and Relief Squadron (4Rs) provides life saving and relief assistance during natural disasters such as floods and rough sea conditions. The squadron consists of naval personnel specialized in disaster management and craft especially designed for its operations.