Rambeewa literary festival held under Navy’s patronage

The literary festival organized by the Rambewa Divisional Secretariat in collaboration with the Department of cultural Affairs was held at the reception hall of the Rambewa Divisional Secretariat on 29th September 2015 under the Navy’s patronage. It was attended by the Commandant SLNS Shiksha, Captain Asanga Ranasuriya and several naval officers representing the Navy.

As an encouragement to the student, who pursue their education amidst many difficulties while living in remote areas, thirty gift vouchers worth Rs. 5,000/= each were presented to the students who attended the colorful event held under the theme, “Literature and Art that create a Wholesome Individual”. The Navy’s generosity in giving attractive gift vouchers was appreciated by the organizers as it enabled them to make the event a great success and take their message to the hearts of the participants raising their awareness of the need to foster the country’s literary traditions for the benefit of the future generations.