Sri Lanka Navy and the Indian Navy Joint Naval Exercise (SLINEX 2015)

The Sri Lanka Navy and the Indian Navy Joint Naval Exercise (SLINEX 2015) commenced today (27) in the seas off Trincomalee. The Exercise is scheduled to terminate on 1st November 2015. Six naval ships and 6 Fast Attack Craft of Sri Lanka Navy and 3 ships of Indian Navy will take part in the joint training this year. This exercise paves the way for operational effectiveness through common understanding of neighbouring navies. Moreover, it concerns on maintaining effective maritime security in the region by integrating forces through cooperation, coordination and collaboration.  This leads to mutual understanding of limitations and capabilities, to enhance service interoperability and system compatibility in countering challenges.

It is a great opportunity for both the Navies to rehearse and improve capabilities such as cross deck operations, replenishment at sea and information sharing. Furthermore, they will also carry out coordinated helicopter operations at sea during the exercise.

Indian Navy has been a great mentor of Sri Lanka Navy in many maritime aspects. Regular joint exercises have facilitated both the navies to gradually and systematically develop professionalism through these interactions.