Navy assists to conduct the Iranativu church Mass

Marking the first Friday of the 40 day lent season, the annual mass of the Church of Our Lady of Rosary on the island of Iranativu, which is situated at six Nautical Miles west of SLNS Buwaneka in Nachchikuda, was successfully conducted with the assistance of the naval personnel of SLNS Buwaneka on 12th February 2016. The ceremony, held with the participation of approximately 800 devotees, started with the confession at the grotto followed by the way of cross to the church.

The amenities provided by the Sri Lanka Navy, the key contributor in facilitating the basic needs of the devotees, included the provision of drinking water, medical facilities and electricity and ensuring the security of the devotees during their stay on the island which is inhabited. Naval craft were deployed in the area with life saving teams onboard to ensure the safety of devotees on their way to the island which is considered as a pilgrimage.

On the successful conclusion of the ceremony, the Parish Priest and the devotees expressed their gratitude to the Sri Lanka Navy for facilitating them to offer the mass at such an isolated place without any difficulty.