Navy renders assistance in fixing refurbished water pumps at "Tissa Wewa pump house"

The water purification centre at the sacred city of Anuradhapura obtains its water requirement from Tissa Wewa by means of 3 submerged water pumps. Due to a technical defect caused in the water pumps, the manager of National Water Supply and Drainage Board Anuradhapura sought the assistance of Sri Lanka Navy. As a result the Navy Divers and naval personnel attached to North Central Naval Command recovered those pumps from water. Having refurbished the pumps, they were reinstalled for normal operation today (18).

A water pump of this nature weighs around 200 kilograms and they needed to be replaced 20 m away from the embankment and at a depth of 3m from water level of Tissa Wewa. The Navy Divers extended their fullest cooperation in this regard and the residents of the area and the devotees extended their great debt of gratitude to the Sri Lanka Navy for taking prompt actions which restored the water requirement in the area.