Navy deploys life savers at tanks located in Anuradapura

As per the directives of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne, several teams comprising naval and coast guard personnel were deployed at key water reservoirs located in Anuradapura from 16-20 June 2016.

Accordingly rescue teams were deployed at key areas where tanks such as; Abhaya Weva, Nuwara Weva, Kala Weva, Mahakanadara, Vilachchiya, Nachchaduwa, Rajanganaya and Thanthirimale. A large number of pilgrims came to Anuradapura Sacred City during this Poson festive season from all over the country and used to refresh themselves having a bath at these tanks. Thus 11 lifesaving teams were deployed to meet any emergency situations situation and save lives of the general public. The devotees extended their heartfelt gratitude to the Sri Lanka Navy for its commitment and cooperation extended in this regard.