SLNS ‘Sayura’ and SLNS ‘Suranimila’ perform onboard exercises and make a Training visit to India

The two Sri Lanka Navy Ships; SLNS ‘Sayura’ and SLNS ‘Suranimila’ arrived at the Port of Cochin on 24th October 2016 and performed a series of onboard training exercises such as; Man Overboard Exercise (MOB), Manoeuvring a ship in distress safely to a harbour and actions to be followed by the crew onboard the vessel, during their visit en route for India.

Having arrived at the Port of Cochin, the two ships were visited by a host of officers and sailors from the Indian Navy. They were briefed in relation to the function, technology available by the crew of Sri Lanka Navy ships. Subsequently a group of officers and sailors from the two ships made an educational visit to the School of Naval Oceanology and Meteorology as well. Mementoes were also exchanged to mark the occasion.