Commander of the Navy addresses student officers of DSCSC: A Proactive Strategy to Counter Emerging Maritime Security Threats

Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne addressed the local and foreign student officers of the course number 10 at Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) today (6), on the topic of, A Proactive Strategy to Counter Emerging Maritime Security Threats. The termination of each staff course held at Defence Service Command and Staff Collage is customarily marked with a special speech made by a service commander with the idea of imparting much needed inspiration for the prospective staff officers.

Addressing a large gathering of scholars, Commander of the Navy highlighted that dependency on the maritime domain for a wider range of needs had become increasingly high due to various reasons and maritime domain has also become a platform for projection of power. As a result, the navies around the world had also become effective power projection tools in the contemporary world. In this context, Vice Admiral Wijegunaratne urged the need of the strengthening of maritime security to address these threats and challenges through a proactive strategy is paramount of importance.

Also, Vice Admiral Wijegunaratne shed some light on important aspects of the maritime domain such as; Significance of Maritime Security, Securing our Seas, Maritime Governance, Protecting the Sovereign Rights of the Seas, Emerging Maritime Security Threats, Maritime Terrorism, Maritime Piracy, etc. during his worthy presentation .

The occasion was attended by Deputy Commandant of Defence Services Command and Staff College, Chief Instructors, senior officers from tri-services and student officers. The Commander of the Navy was also presented with a special memento in appreciation of his gracious presence and delivering a very informative speech.