Two more Reverse Osmosis plants vested to the public by the Navy

Yet another phase of the Navy’s Community Service Project which is operated under the directives of the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne, came to its successful end yesterday (29) with the opening of two more Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants for the community use in the villages of Nawahanguranketha in Thalawa and Kiwulegama in Thanamalwila.

The Navy’s Research and Development Unit utilized their expertise to produce and install these 2 facilities along with the financial provision made by the Presidential Task Force on Prevention of Kidney Diseases. Accordingly, over 800 families in those villages are now facilitated with safe drinking water provided free of charge as a result of these installations.

The Research and Development Unit of the Navy has been extremely influential in terms of undertaking these kinds of projects to provide innocent people with safe drinking water, in the areas where a high prevalence of the renal disease is recorded. They have successfully installed 80 RO facilities in different parts of the county to date, for the benefit of over 36,600 families and 28,000 school children. Further, the Navy is determined to continue this noble task being an example to other departments and institutions of the country as well. Besides, the Navy believes that this magnanimous effort will immensely pave the way to eradicate the renal disease from Sri Lanka.