Two Reverse Osmosis plants bestowed upon community

The Sri Lanka Navy has been implementing a wide range of community service projects, going by the visionary leadership of the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne. The installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants in areas where high prevalence of kidney disease is recorded has been recognized as one of the many magnanimous projects undertaken by the Navy. Accordingly, two more RO plants set up at Buddhangala Central College and the village of Bisokotuwa in Padawiya were bestowed upon the community today (28).

The facility installed at Buddhangala Central College is capable of producing safe drinking water for 1,200 children and 50 staff members of the school and 720 residents in the area. The financial contribution for this RO system was made by the ‘Sonduru Sithaththo’ organization in United Kingdom along with the Navy’s Social Responsibility Fund. Meanwhile, the facility at the village of Bisokotuwa was established with generous monetary provisions of the Presidential Task Force on Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease and it can process safe drinking water for 560 families in the village.

The Sri Lanka Navy’s Research and Development Unit has been extremely influential in producing these RO systems utilizing their expertise and technological know-how and has successfully installed a total of 117 RO facilities across the country to date, facilitating over 52,810 families and 45,100 school children with safe drinking water provided free of charge. Further, the Navy is determined and will continue to set up more RO plants in due course.