Two Reverse Osmosis plants declared open

The Sri Lanka Navy has been implementing a wide range of community service projects under the visionary leadership of the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne. The installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants in kidney prone areas is one of the many such noble projects undertaken by the Sri Lanka Navy. Taking further step ahead with this effort, 2 RO plants were declared open at Madurankuliya in Puttalam and Upuldeniya, Galenbindunuwewa today (29).

The facilities are capable of providing safe drinking water for 450 families in Puttalam, Madurankuliya region. The financial allocations for this project was made by the 100 day programme of ‘Sirasa Gammedda’ project. ‘Sirasa Gammedda’ programme in collaboration with the Navy extended their assistance to install 12 RO systems in needy areas and contributed for this noble effort of national programme. Further they expect to continue their support for this project combining with the Navy.

Sri Lanka Navy Research and Development Unit has been playing an instrumental role in devising these systems making use of their technological know-how and expertise. Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Navy for Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease, installed a medium range of 2nd RO plant at the house of late Naval Diver, KASC Kumara located at Mahathalagama in Galenbindunuwewa enabling them to obtain the daily requirement of drinking water. The Navy’s Research and Development Unit was able to make this plant within a short period of time using lower cost for the work.

Incidentally, the Navy has successfully installed a total of 222 RO facilities across the country to date, facilitating over 107,040 families and 76,520 school children with safe drinking water provided free of charge. Further, the Navy is determined and will continue to set up more RO plants in due course.