Seven suspects nabbed with a stock of five ocean Thresher Sharks

On receipt of an intelligence tip-off to the Navy, a group of Coast Guard personnel arrested a catch of 5 ocean Thresher sharks and 7 personnel engaged in the illegal activity at Tangalle Fisheries Harbour yesterday (20th July).

A weight of 70 Kgs of Thresher Sharks, were caught whilst attempting to transfer by a three wheeler. This endangered Thresher Sharks usually live in the territorial waters of Sri Lanka. The 7 arrested suspects, stock of sharks and the three wheeler were handed over to the Fisheries inspector of the area.

According to the act of the Fisheries, this Thresher sharks which is belonged to the ‘Alopedo’ family is prohibited to catch either any aid of a sport or entertainment. Accordingly, to store inside the boat, loading or unloading, selling or displaying any Thresher shark or a part of a Thresher shark is prohibited.